Our judging panel includes experts from a wide range of organisations, including businesses, charities and tech specialists. Here’s what they said they’re looking for from a winning entry.

Getting ready to write your entry

  • Read the Guidance Notes carefully – every Award has different criteria.
  • Take a look at previous winners – they will provide you with inspiration and will give you an idea of what has worked before.
  • Gather images and videos and useful links beforehand.

Make your entry stand out

  • Be clear – focus on our criteria and use as few words as possible.
  • Include the “elevator pitch” at the start – a one or two line description that captures the imagination and sells the big idea.
  • Focus on what makes your story special. How have you changed the world?
  • Describe the impact on people’s lives and how their story has inspired others.
  • Use numbers to quantify the impact and describe the scale of your achievements.
  • It doesn’t have to be a big project to have a big impact – small but significant changes can be just as impressive.
  • Don’t worry if it’s a new idea – tell us about the potential impact you think it will have.

Show AND tell…

  • Use pictures and video to paint a picture of what you’re doing – especially if we need to understand the technology you’re using.
  • You can upload videos and images in the entry process.
  • Give us a weblink, share an existing video – you can even make a short video if it helps.

Check your entry carefully before submitting

  • Every judge prefers entries that are clearly written and spell checked.
  • Ask someone who doesn’t know much about your work to read your entry
  • Ask them for their version of what it says…
  • Save some time for a final edit.

Good luck!

  • Our judges are giving their time because they love hearing about new ideas.
  • A great entry makes their job as difficult as possible but is more rewarding for everyone!