The new AbilityNet Tech4Good Awards podcast offers in-depth discussion with Award winners and judges about the many ways that digital and mobile technology is changing lives for the better.

What is the Tech4Good Awards podcast about?

The show features some of the many talented people we have seen at the Awards over the last six years, including past winners, judges, tech professionals, academics and journalists. They will be the way that tech can tackle key social issues including digital inclusion, building stronger communities, improving health and growing new skills.

Who are the team behind the podcast?

This podcast sees the organisers of the AbilityNet Tech4Good Awards come together with experienced podcasters from Tech for Good Live – a regular podcast produced by social enterprise Reason Digital.

Why you should tune in

Tech4Good Award winners come from all walks of life and have a huge range of knowledge and expertise. This podcast is a great way to learn more about what they do and how tech can help tackle some society’s most pressing issues.

Rebecca Rae from Reason Digital said, “The number of people listening to podcasts has really grown in the last few years. The Tech4Good Awards generate so many incredibly positive stories – it’s inspiring content from people with great range of expertise. We’re really excited about this opportunity to share their stories and learn from their experience.”

Listen and subscribe

Listen to the pilot episode and subscribe to future episodes from the Tech for Good Live Sound Cloud page.