This year we’re introducing a new award to the Tech4Good family; the Digital Heath Award. The Digital Health Award is open to any individual or organisation that has identified a health issue, and is tackling it through the use of computers, the internet or a specific product or service. It could be an individual, a business, a charity, a social enterprise or a government organisation that’s based in the UK. It could be what they do as an organisation, or it could be a specific project within the company.

With the explosion of wearable technology that we’ve seen in recent years, there are plenty of projects to choose from – in fact, 2014 has been dubbed “The Year of Wearable Tech”. Whether you’re tracking the number of steps you take in a day, your quality of sleep or the results of a blood test, taking control of your health has never been more popular.

Do you know someone that’s developed an app that fits into this category? Or perhaps you work for an organisation that is leading the way in wearable technology? We want to hear about them!

Click here to nominate yourself, an organisation or individual for the Digital Health Award in this year’s Tech4Good Awards. Nominations are open until May 6th.