Our amazing panel of judges this year includes Sarah Ogden, Board Director at 3 Monkeys Communications. Sarah has worked in PR for over a decade, and was previously the Managing Director of one of the UK’s first dot com PR agencies.

Hi Sarah. What are you most looking forward to about judging this year’s Awards?
The excitement and optimism from learning about some of the great things everyday people are doing to transform and improve other people’s lives through technology. I hope to see more entrants from businesses that are recognising the power they have to make society better and designing and supporting inclusive and accessible technology design and development.

Is there a specific Award that you’re most looking forward to judging?

The BT Ingenious Award and the Community Impact Award I think might be particularly interesting this year.

What’s the most exciting development in technology that you’ve seen in the past year, that you think will really make a difference in people’s lives?

I think some of the emerging technology that help people better manage and understand health and happiness at home and in the workplace, has so much potential. I also think the rise of social business – the new generation of organisations growing and succeeding based on a belief that profit making is not necessarily an organisation’s primary focus – it is so inspiring.

The private sector is really starting to show that building business on social values can result in improved longevity, customer loyalty and sustainable growth. Some of the newest digital and tech businesses are at the forefront of this movement.

Which aspect of Tech4Good really interests you?

In a media world obsessed with sensationalising bad news, over promoting shiny celebrities or obsessing too much about the tech giants or another new digital roundabout – we have under our noses in this country one of the most exciting digital movements. From grass roots developers to communities learning and adapting digital skills for social good, we are changing the notion of innovation and digital creation.

Rewriting the rules and showing the real meaning and potential of technology – equality, freedom and a better society. Tech4Good is one of the unsung heroes championing those brilliant businesses and individuals who commit to making a real difference.

You can find Sarah on Twitter and LinkedIn.