As we are fast approaching the end of the nominations period for this year’s Tech4Good Awards, it’s time to start introducing our amazing panel of judges. Remember the panel will be looking closely at every nomination, so if you want any of the judges to know about you or your organisation, make sure you nominate yourself!


Helen Milner is Chief Executive at Tinder Foundation. In 2012 she joined the Digital Hall of Fame, named one of 20 people who had achieved great things in Britain using Digital.


Hi Helen. You’ve been a part of the Tech4GoodAwards for a number of years now – what are you most looking forward to about judging this year’s Awards?
As Chief Executive of Tinder Foundation, I’m lucky enough to see every day work done to make good things happen through digital technology. What I love about the Tech4Good Awards is that I get to see even more of that, from innovative services or websites to entirely new models of delivery, fundraising or project management – from community groups in English boroughs to large charities working on an international level. It’s extremely difficult to make judgements or comparisons on such varied, amazing work, but it’s also very exciting and unbelievably inspiring.


Is there a specific Award that you’re most looking forward to judging?

The Community Impact Award is my favourite to judge, because it really lays out how technology is changing real lives, in real time. For me, that’s pretty inspirational stuff.  I’m continually amazed at the innovation, energy, and expertise of community activists and small charities – like Nicky Lidbetter and Self Help Services, who won last year’s Award.


What’s the most exciting development in technology that you’ve seen in the past year, that you think will really make a difference in people’s lives?

I’m not a big fan of innovation that’s hardware led, but at the moment I’m particularly excited about some of the innovations that are super-simplifying technology. Breezie is a great example because it makes tablets incredibly easy for people to use and yet grows more complicated as they get more sophisticated users. Giraffe, meanwhile, goes a step even further, and makes it possible for those with severe disabilities or ailments to communicate with friends and family at a single touch. This is technology coming to meet the user, rather than expecting the user to come up to meet technology.  And that’s pretty exciting.


Which aspect of Tech4Good really interests you?

The Tech4Good Awards bring together an incredible collection of people and projects that literally changes what and how I think about technology and it’s potential to deliver social impact each and every year. And I’m very much looking forward to that experience again in 2014.


You can find Helen on Twitter and LinkedIn.