Nominations close on the 6th May – get in quick!

Nominations for this year’s Tech4Good Awards close on 6 May in a week, so we’re reminding you about this year’s categories and our amazing panel of judges are this year, and giving you a few ideas on how you can help spread the word.


Why should you nominate?

By nominating yourself or someone else, you’ll be putting a project, company, organisation or volunteer under the spotlight. Do you want any – or all – of these judges to know about the great work you’ve been doing? As we heard from Simone Enefer-Doy, CEO of Lifelites, winning a Tech4Good Award can change the direction of your organisation completely.

Simone found that the charity grew in confidence, achieving goals that they never thought possible. They pitched for funding that they wouldn’t have even been considered for before winning the Accessibility Award – raising an extra £100, 000 in the first year.

Click here to read more about the impact winning a Tech4GoodAward had on Lifelites here.


This year’s Tech4Good Awards are

  • Accessibility Award 
    Software, hardware or other digital innovation that transforms the lives of disabled people.
  • BT Ingenious Award 
    We’re looking for smart ideas that make a real difference by connecting people anywhere in the world.
  • Community Impact Award 
    Charities, businesses or individuals using digital technology to transform their community.
  • Digital Skills Award 
    Innovative ways of helping people of any age to acquire the skills they need for the digital age.
  • Digital Health Award 
    Using computers, the internet and other digital technologies to deliver health and well-being to individuals or communities.
  • IT Volunteer of the Year Award 
    Celebrating those amazing individuals who use their digital skills to make a difference to the lives of others.
  • Young People’s Award
    We want to hear from young people under 23 who are using technology to make a difference to the lives of others.

Nominate today and tell us who you think should win each of these Awards. Nominations are open to  individuals, organisations, companies, charities, schools and anyone else who is using technology to make the world a better place.



Get to know our amazing panel of judges

This year’s Judges bring a huge range of skills and experience form the worlds of come from business, charity and technology.

Click on the ‘judges’ tag on our blog – you can find it by clicking here. So far we’ve interviewed Shane Richmond, Richard Ferriman, Rachel Neaman, Aileen Thompson, Fiona Miller and Helen Milner. Watch this space for interviews with our other judges this week.


Spread the word

  • Tweet your followers and encourage them to nominate – don’t forget to use the #tech4goodawards hashtag!
  • Send out an e-newsletter to your company, or from your personal email address, letting everyone know about the Awards and the categories they can nominate in
  • Post on LinkedIn
  • Post a blog on your website/blog encouraging visitors to nominate
  • Embed or link to this video of Hannah Cockroft talking about the Awards.