Pennies, Winners of Fundraising Award 2011

Since 2011 we’ve crowned 50+ individuals and organisations winners, and one of the first was Pennies, winner of the Fundraising Award 2011. Championed for their collaborative approach to fundraising, Pennies make micro-donations accessible through their multi-channel functionality across the highstreet, online and even through Xbox apps, offering you the option of rounding up your purchase to the nearest pound, and sending the money straight to charity.

Pennies option on chip and pin card machine

When they won the Award in 2011 Pennies had only just launched. Rob Dyson, Head of Marketing and Communications at Pennies, says that early recognition from the Awards began an incredible journey for the charity:

“Winning the inaugural Tech4Good Fundraising Award, then sponsored by Camelot, was a huge plaudit for Pennies just seven months after launch. It preceded four years of phenomenal growth, underlined by what our annual independent research tells us; which is by making donating simple, small and seamless, you meet people’s natural propensity for feel-good giving.

“We’re thrilled to report we’ve now raised over £6million from over 26 million donations supporting over 115 UK charities over the last five years; thanks to the generosity of over 50 corporate partners’ customers. In a market dense with charity asks, it’s meaningful to customers to be able to give a few pennies anonymously (just as they would a traditional charity box) and see how quickly their digital change is given a big purpose, having an impact in so many communities. The recognition so early in our journey by Tech4Good Awards was hugely important to us, and we’d encourage those considering entering to go for it – but ensure your entry is clear, succinct and demonstrates outcome for output. Good luck.”

Entry to the Tech4Good Awards 2016 opens on the 15th March – sign up to our newsletter to find out how you can enter this year. To find out more about their fantastic work, visit the Pennies website.