Choose your winner of the AbilityNet tech4Good Awards 2019 People’s Award

Voting is open for the AbilityNet tech4Good Awards 2019 People’s Award winner, the award that is chosen by you!

Each year we ask you the public to decide on the winner of the People’s Award, and as voting is ongoing we thought it’d be a great chance to look back at some of the previous award winners.


Last year’s award winner WayToB is a wayfinding app for people with a learning disability (LD), an estimated group of Young adult with LD and a man using WaytoB app1,087,100 people in England alone.

It offers individuals with LD independence, good levels of mobility, well-being and quality of life, and also peace of mind to family members and carers, who can make sure their loved ones are safe.

The app promotes greater independence by enabling individuals to perform a task that they were formerly unable to accomplish.

By enabling this group to reach their desired destinations by themselves, it allows people with LD to become more integrated into society, increase their level of mobility, employability and overall quality of life.

Arnav Sharma

Arnav's Raspberry Pi production line

In 2016 Arnav Sharma won the People’s Award. Aged just nine years old, Arnav studied the cause, diagnosis and effect of asthma and came up with a solution; the AsthmaPi kit.

Using a Raspberry Pi hooked up to a range of sensors it helps anyone living with asthma and is particularly useful to anyone not sure about the diagnosis of asthma.

Using email and SMS text message alerts, patients receive prompts to take medication and reminders for review visits, and the accompanying booklet makes it easy to understand asthma.

Arnav’s dedication to understanding asthma, and creating a product to help those suffering from the effects, is admirable and inspiring.

And Arnav’s younger sister Mihika is one of our BT Young Pioneer finalists this year…clearly an incredibly talented family!

C the Signs

C The Signs helps diagnose cancer much earlierThe 2017 People’s Award winner was ‘C the Signs’, a decision support tool, available on IOS, android and as a website, which was developed by Dr Miles Payling and Dr Bakshi.

It uses artificial intelligence, combined with national evidence-based guidelines, to help General Practitioners (GPs) identify patients with Cancer early.

Using primary care data and evidence, their support tool can spot other less obvious signs and symptoms that feature in the early stage of cancers.

The technology they use means that data can be easily cross-referenced.  Once a patient’s symptom reach a particular threshold, they are then referred on for more in-depth testing.

Following completion of a UK pilot, Dr Miles Payling and Dr Bakshi will be launching the tool nationally to all GPs.

Vote now for the People’s Award 2019 winner brand imageAll of this year’s finalists are being given the opportunity to run a Crowdfunder campaign hosted by, and they each have four weeks to generate as much support as possible for their work.

The one generating the most support will win this year’s People’s Award, which will be announced at the awards ceremony.

If your favourite finalist isn’t taking part in the Crowdfunder campaign you can still vote for them by Tweeting the hashtag of the finalist you want to win the People’s Award.

Each hashtag is made of the letters ‘T4G’ followed by the finalist’s name, so for example, to vote for Digit Music use #T4Gdigitmusic.

Choose your favourite finalist and vote now!