This year we’re introducing another new award to theTech4Good family; the BT Ingenious Award. This new Award has been introduced to highlight any individual, business, charity, social enterprise or government organisation based in the UK that has come up with something new. Something ingenious. Something ground-breaking that’s used to connect us and bring us closer together.

Together. Connected. Amazing.

Even the smallest amount of inspiration can make big things happen, and that’s why we introduced the BT Ingenious Award. Do you know someone that’s come up with an innovative way of using technology to bring us closer together? Is your organisation currently running a pioneering programme that’s connecting customers? Whether you’re a start-up or a long established company, we want to celebrate your creativity.

If you know an individual or organisation that fits the bill, we want to hear about them! Click here to nominate yourself, an organisation or individual for the BT Ingenious Award in this year’s Tech4Good Awards. Nominations are open until May 6th.