As we are fast approaching the end of the nominations period for this year’s Tech4Good Awards, it’s time to start introducing our amazing panel of judges. Remember the panel will be looking closely at every nomination, so if you want any of the 16 judges to know about you or your organisation, make sure you nominate yourself!


Rachel Neaman is the DH Digital Leader and Deputy Director at the UK Department of Health, and Non-Executive Director at Tinder Foundation. With over 20 years of experience in the digital sector, Rachel regularly speaks at conferences and events in the UK and abroad, and is chair of Digital Leaders and a fellow of the RSA.


Hi Rachel. It’s your first year as a judge on the Tech4Good Awards panel. What are you most looking forward to about judging this year’s Awards?

Finding out more about the innovative and exciting projects that are helping to make a real difference to our society.


Is there a specific Award that you’re most looking forward to judging?

I’m particularly looking forward to judging the Digital Health award, but all the categories are extremely interesting and I’m sure we’ll have our work cut out for us!


Are there any Awards that you think will be tricky to judge?

I think it’s always difficult to judge a wide range of high-quality entries against each other so I’m not expecting this to be an easy job.


What’s the most exciting development in technology that you’ve seen in the past year, that you think will really make a difference in people’s lives?

The growth in the use of mobile and wireless network technology, for example when used to deliver healthcare in developing countries, has huge potential to change people’s lives.


Which aspect of Tech4Good really interests you?

I’m genuinely excited by the commitment and vision of people who not only see the potential for technology to change lives, but actually put that commitment and vision into practice.


You can find Rachel on LinkedIn.