We’re pleased to announce that tech journalist, author and award-winning blogger, Kate Russell will return as our Tech4Good Awards host for 2016!

Last year Kate was our fantastic co-host, presenting the Awards with organiser Mark Walker, AbilityNet, and we’re very excited to welcome her back for another year on the stage, and our judging panel. We caught up with Kate to see what she’s most looking forward to in this year’s Tech4Good Awards:

“It’s always fascinating to see how technology is being used in ever more imaginative ways to improve people’s lives and societies. Often the issues tackled by shortlisted teams and individuals provide a poignant narrative about what people see in their own lives that needs ‘fixing’. Of course I’d be remiss if I didn’t also add there is a part of me that loves seeing a room full of adults frantically waving glow sticks at me to vote for their favourites!”

Is there a particular category that you’re most interested in?

“As an ambassador for Special Effect, an organisation that helps people with physical disabilities play video games, I have always had an a heightened interest in solving accessibility issues. Technology is such an amazing enabler, anything that helps those with disabilities take advantage of it more easily is really important.”

Why are the Awards so important?

“Lots of people are still afraid of technology and the pace at which it advances. It’s nice to have a platform to celebrate and talk about the wonderful things it can do as well.”

What’s the big issue that 2016 will be remembered for?

“I think AI and machine learning will make massive leaps forward this year… You just have to look at IBM’s Watson computer and the work being done advancing psychobiological simulations to know we are getting ever closer to true machine learning, and that has massive potential implications for using technology for good.”


The AbilityNet Tech4Good Awards are looking for volunteers, charities and organisations using technology in exciting and innovate ways, whether it’s in the local community or across the world.

From accessibility to digital skills, volunteers to fundraising technology, we want to hear about how you’re using technology to make the world a better place. Enter Tech4Good Awards 2016 before 6th May: http://www.dev.tech4goodawards.com/enter-now/