2014 was dubbed “The Year of Wearable Tech”, so it was only fitting that we introduced a new Award to our line-up, the Digital Health Award.

Since last year wearable technology has grown ever more popular, with our use of fitness bands, smart watches and other devices increasing, along with the volume of data that we’re sending to them. We share our heart rate, running times, changes in our bodies, weight loss and gain with our smart accessories, in return for a better understanding of our bodies and our health.

As the breadth of data we supply and the depth of information we share grows, do we know how this is being used? How happy are we to give up personal data, and what do we expect to receive in return?

To find the answers we’ve put together a short survey to learn what you think about digital health, wearable technology and personal data. It only takes a few minutes to complete, and we won’t share your personal information with anyone else. Visit our Digital Health Survey 2015 page and tell us your thoughts.

When you’ve completed this short survey, don’t forget to visit our Enter Now page and tell us who you think should win each of the seven Tech4Good Awards, including the Digital Health Award. Last year we saw some fantastic organisations make it to the finals, like Breaking Free Online, who support people trying to overcome alcohol and drug dependence through a pioneering internet-based treatment programme, and Peek Vision, who won the Award for their innovative and affordable smart-phone based product, PEEK, which makes comprehensive eye examinations available in even the remotest of settings.

The survey closes Monday 20th April at 12pm.