AbilityNet’s Tech4Good Awards celebrate inspiring examples of technologies that help make the world a better place. But what makes a winning entry, and how can you make your nomination stand out from the crowd?

Check out this video of our online session where we shared top tips from judges and past winners.

Or read our Five Top Tips below the video

Five Top Tips for winning a Tech4Good Award

Our team of expert judges share their tips:

1. Focus on a specific project

If you have lots of interesting pieces of work or inventions in the pipeline it could be tempting to tell us about all of them in one entry. Instead, what we are looking for is one eye-catching idea that can inspire others.

Pick something that really stands out – something that defines what you do and is truly award-winning. Once you’ve decided – make it punchy.

You may want to mention other work that is relevant but think about adding details once you’ve caught our eye with a really strong idea.

2. Keep it simple and concise

Your idea may be simple or complex, but you need to be able to explain it to someone as if they have no tech expertise whatsoever. Use plain English and be clear about exactly what problem your tech is solving and why it’s important. Do, of course, explain technical processes if needed but try to avoid complicated language and acronyms so that the judges can easily understand your concept. There are many entries to read so you don’t want to make them work too hard to understand your idea. Honing your ‘elevator pitch’ in this way will be hugely useful in explaining, promoting and developing your idea elsewhere too.

3. Shout about what you’ve achieved

Highlight the key things you’ve achieved so that we know how special you are. We’re looking for entries that give us a clear picture as quickly as possible. Don’t bombard us with numbers but pick out key milestones – how many people you’ve helped, how much money you’ve saved, the potential size of the market.

This also means we can move you between categories – you may not be the strongest in one Award but your achievements may make you a leading contender in another category. The more you tell us the better we can decide where you belong.

4. Enter more than once

Some of your work may be better in one category than another – or you may think it’s a great piece of work that delivers a whole load of different outcomes. In which case enter more than one award!

5. Check out previous winners

Take a look at some of our past award winners to get a feel for the different categories and what makes a winning idea.

Above all – make sure you enter on time!

Nominations are open until 10am on 13 May 2019.

Go to www.tech4goodawards.com/enter-now/ to submit your nomination now.