Hello World

Hello World

Hello World uses academic research, off-the-shelf products, track record and user-centred design to reach children in Africa who currently have no access to education. There are 69 million too few … Read more

Jangala big box on location


Jangala was developed as an internet solution to help refugees living in the Jungle refugee camp in Calais.  Since this first implementation, it has developed into a social enterprise to … Read more

Child absorbed in an African Storybook

Saide’s African Storybook

Saide’s African Storybook (ASb) uses an open licence digital publishing model with web-based tools for users to create and translate storybooks in their own languages – free of charge, and … Read more

bibimoney Global Limited how it works

bibimoney Global Limited

bibimoney Global Limited is a UK based fintech company that provides highly differentiated mobile money services to increase financial inclusion and enable economic growth in developing countries – through partnering … Read more

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