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The People’s Award is one of our most popular awards because it provides an opportunity for finalists to showcase their work, and demonstrate the support they have for their project or initiative.  All the Tech4Good Awards finalists are encouraged to set up their own Crowdfunder page to raise funds and generate support for their project. They will be supported to do this by Crowdfunder’s expert coaches, ensuring they have the best opportunity of success with their crowdfunding campaigns.

The winner will be chosen by a panel, based on a number of factors to determine which finalist has gained the most from the crowdfunding process. We’ll be looking at things like the quality of the page, how engaging the videos are, the range of marketing used to spread the word. We’ll be taking into account the amount raised, and number of supporters too, but it won’t necessarily be that the project with the biggest numbers wins.

The gap between finding out that you’re a finalist and the award ceremony itself is a great opportunity to promote that you’re a finalist in the Tech4Good Awards. Being a Tech4Good finalist gives you good credibility to start crowdfunding and sharing your Crowdfunder page with your supporters.

There are lots of benefits to crowdfunding, and we wanted to highlight some below:

  • It’s a quick way of raising much needed funds and it’s completely free and won’t cost you a penny!
  • It’s an additional platform for your project to gain exposure from, plus all Tech4Good entries will be visible on its own leaderboard
  • It’s another opportunity for you to win a Tech4Good Award, this time voted for by the public, all while raising funds for your important project

Finalists will need to  launch their Crowdfunder campaign by 26 August 2020, when the grid will go live. Finalists will then have four weeks before the Tech4Good winners are announced to share their campaign and raise funds.

We know that crowdfunding can seem daunting for those that haven’t done it before, so if you’re chosen as a finalist we’ll share lots of resources and put you in touch with Crowdfunder’s expert coaches to help you along the way.

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The Tech4Good Awards are organised by AbilityNet and Attendable and supported by a range of partners and sponsors.

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