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Arts and Culture Award, Finalist, 2021

Yodomo is a social enterprise on a mission to grow participation in crafts and making, because making is good for you and good for the planet. Group of people at London Craft Week doing book bindingEngaging in creative projects can boost mood, productivity and focus. The numerous lockdowns and isolation of individuals during the Covid-19 outbreak has brought these wellbeing properties to the fore.

Our vision since inception has been for a future where people reconnect to the well-being benefits of making with our hands, where we recognise that everything we make and consume has an impact on us individually, collectively and on the world around us.

Central to Yodomo’s vision is how isolated populations can benefit from both learning and teaching creative skills online. Technology enables more people to teach or learn creative skills online wherever they live and give access to tutors who are experts in their field. Technology opens up new income avenues for creatives whilst helping to share and preserve traditional crafts and propagating their benefits.

Our impact has been substantial to many individuals that we’ve had the chance to support. We’re unique in how we marry technology, mental health, preservation of crafts and material support for artists into one platform.

We have honed our technology to enable makers to be able to use Yodomo as a one-stop marketplace to share skills – meaning that they can share online workshops, offline workshops, kits and finished goods from one seller account.

We aim to benefit both learners and teachers, by allowing makers to share their skills through online courses, kits accompanied with an online course or live events. We also produce programmes that aid the digital upskilling of creatives, participated in an initiative that delivered art and craft supplies to vulnerable children, and partnered with KnitforMentalHealth to sell handmade goods with proceeds going to mental health charities.

Yodomo Tech4Good Awards 2021 from Yodomo on Vimeo.


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