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Finalist category: Independent Living Award

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Finalist, Independent Living Award, 2023

WelcoMe LogoWelcoMe connects disabled people directly to the venues they are visiting with a pre populated profile triggering staff awareness and best advice on how best to interact on the arrival of the visitor. WelcoMe empowers both the disabled person but also the staff member who can greet and meet the needs of their visitor with confidence. The service utilises a “web app” which can be integrated directly into the venue’s website or accessed through the disabled persons online profile page.

All the disabled person or their carer, friend or family member requires is an internet connection and they can access the service. Also as WelcoMe acts as a training aid staff become more confident to provide services for all disabled people.

Independent living is directly connected to the confidence of the disabled person to carry out tasks, be they in their own home or out in the community. Improving this confidence is key to improving Health & Wellbeing, Social interactions and commerce. One key area of independence is the ability to travel and visit destinations of choice be they health centres, shops, job centres, leisure and entertainment facilities etc. At this time discrimination or the thought that discrimination will occur prevents many from leaving home and is a societal cause of loneliness.

“I tell everyone I see that this is a fantastic useful app that is free for the user to download. That is gives many people who want to be independent the opportunity to go places and receive the best quality experience. Customer service that is second to none is rare but change is coming through WelcoMe.”

These visits with WelcoMe have helped me to get out. There is a purpose in going out if you know that you can get help and not struggle to find somewhere to sit or find a member of staff and I think that is really important. It would be too easy to become housebound, ordering online and missing out on interaction with other people.”

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