UCanDoIT: Digital skills for disabled people

Finalist category: People's Award 2014


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Digital Skills Award, Winner, Winner of Winners, 2014

UCanDoIT believe that every person should be afforded the possibility of achieving their greatest potential. They work with each of their learners on a one-to-one basis, within their own homes – a vital aspect of UCanDoIT that really helps to combat any confidence issues they may have.

U Can Do IT teached digital skills to people who are blind and other disabled people

The personal relationship of tutor and learner as part of the learning experience is extremely beneficial. In providing individual support, learners are not competing for attention, they are working at their own pace, in the privacy of their own homes where no-one can see them make a mistake.

Each of their learners is unique so group training is often inappropriate and mostly unavailable.

Most drop-in centres or libraries across the country are often inaccessible or do not have the necessary equipment or specialist trainers in assistive technology needed to support people with disabilities, especially for people with complex needs.

The learners are also central to UCanDoIT, with every opportunity provided to contribute, offer feedback and be part of this amazing organisation.

Present CEO, Mary Payne, was originally one of the learners who contacted UCanDoIT after losing much of her sight virtually overnight. Over time she progressed through the ranks from learner to tutor, trustee to CEO.

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