Tongo tongue-computer interface

Finalist category: Independent Living Award

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Finalist, Independent Living Award, 2023

A man in a wheelchair utilising Tongo Tongo is the world’s first tongue-computer interface, enabling users to operate digital devices using the tongue.

Millions of people worldwide are living with SCI, stroke, neurological disorders & various other conditions, resulting in limited control over their fingers & hands, making it difficult for them to perform everyday actions with their assistive equipment. In cases of severe upper limb impairments, even common assistive devices like electric wheelchairs, computers and mobile phones are of limited usability. This is where Tongo can introduce a breakthrough innovation in their lives.

Our moldable, braces-like device that comfortably fits the user’s mouth to enable remote, precise control of any digital device, using the tongue. It wirelessly connects to devices using a proprietary Bluetooth protocol and leverages the fact that the tongue is capable of sophisticated control and manipulation tasks, even in severe cases of SCI and neurological disorders – which makes it an optimal bridge between the brain and digital interfaces.

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