Talking Birds bring accessibility to the theatre

Finalist category: Accessibility Award


Finalist, 2015

Talking Birds is a small, independent, site-specific theatre company, making work that explores, and seeks to illuminate, the profound and complex relationships between people and place.

Established in 1992, they have produced over 100 projects, been named the pioneers of site-specific theatre by the Guardian and are revolutionising the creative possibilities of accessibility.

Rather than seeing accessibility needs as a problem, or as an after thought, Talking Birds uses them as a stimulus in the creative process, integrating solutions into the way work is developed, to improve experiences for everyone, including disabled people.

Talking Birds has developed the Difference Engine – a prototype tool which puts access into the hands of deaf, hard-of-hearing and sight-impaired audiences, using technology they already own, and making accessible work that they are currently excluded from.

“I followed brilliantly because…within Talking Birds someone had created a new way of captioning that I honestly think, with some backing, could be the next big thing.” – Hearing Times.

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