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Finalist category: BT Connected Society Award


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Connected Society Award, Finalist, 2017

Wearable vision device gives people their independence back

The worlds most advanced and wearable artificial vision device is helping people regain their independence.

MyEye, designed by OrCam, provides advanced text-to-speech from any surface, sign, document or computer. Users will be able to identify regular shopping items and products around the home. And they won’t have to worry about not recognising familiar faces, as it stores them too.

It helps those who are visually impaired or blind, as well as those who struggle with learning difficulties such as dyslexia. Portable and discreet, MyEye does not require an internet connection or power outlets to operate.

“Our pioneering product is designed to improve the wellness, mobility, financial well-being and independence of its users through advanced OCR software,” said Shaun Kemp from OrCam.

“Users are now able to identify who is in front of them, what products they are purchasing or using, what money notes they are being given, what the time is through gestures, and reading text from their favourite magazine or a text message from their phone.”

All of this is compacted into a portable device. A tiny camera fits onto the side of any glasses and this connects to a pocket-sized computer and battery pack.

“It relaxes you, makes you feel safer. You experience less tension. OrCam gives information, leading to self-reliance.” MyEye user Allan Mabert.

This technology means that people don’t have to always rely on other people to help them. It gives independence to people, having a positive impact on their lifestyle and well-being. “This is something that you can’t put a price tag on.”

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