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Finalist category: Community Impact Award 2021

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Community Impact Award, Winner, 2021

Unpaid Carers save the economy over £132 billion annually. n-compass is one of the largest Carers Services providers in the UK, supporting over 40,000 Carers annually, and uses tech in innovative ways to improve the quality and efficiency if their services. 

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We currently deliver in Lancashire, Staffordshire, Cheshire East, Rochdale, Bury and Carlisle. We are seen as leaders in adopting a person-centred approach in identifying, supporting and empowering previously hidden carers of all ages from all backgrounds. Our specialist support aims to improve Carers’ health and wellbeing and enable them to continue in their role for as long as they choose.  

Our project uses technology to support Carers during the pandemic. This includes our:  

Carers Community Network (via Teams/Zoom, Facebook and online chat) – 24/7 information, advice, guidance, training (e.g., Understanding Dementia) and forum for connecting with peers (alleviating isolation) and accessing activities including meditation, coffee and chat and quiz nights.  

Volunteer CHAT Line – peers providing a listening ear 24/7, 365 days-a-year, offering support, guidance, and befriending. Our matched Volunteers (similar interests/backgrounds) telephone vulnerable Carers weekly (more frequently if needed), checking their welfare 

Counselling – online talking therapy, increasing personal resilience, and reducing anxiety/stress caused by their caring role, compounded by Covid-19.  

The benefits include: 

  • Emotional and practical support for over 1,000 Carers during lockdown when many services were suspended or reduced. Support examples include Carers encouraging peers to visit their GP regarding concerns for those ‘cared for’. 73% stated the network helped them look after their wellbeing 
  • 361 Carers accessing online counselling. 89% reported improved wellbeing  
  • 1,000 Carers being able to offload problems via our ChatLine, alongside providing a vital distraction from caring 

“Not only did he [Counsellor] help me to come out of my suicidal thoughts, I made up with my daughter and saw my grandson for the first time. 

“Carers community network saved my sanity several times when no-one else could help.” 

n-compass impact report 2020 – 2021

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