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Finalist category: Community Impact Award


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Community Impact Award, Finalist, 2017

Using tech to connect young people to careers

A new app and website targeting young disengaged students, knew that it had to do something differently.

“The problem is NOT lack of opportunities. The problem is NOT a lack of young minds. The problem is a disconnection between what engages and captures the attention of young minds, and the way those opportunities are presented,” explained Gemma Hallet, creator of miFuture.

“I realised that this generation is now conditioned into receiving individualised and filtered information direct to their devices, and that it seemed alien and unnatural for them to still go through the process that we had to,”

miFuture Foundation, set up in 2011, is a social enterprise that connects young people in the community with the miFuture app and website. It want to help mobilise a generation towards employability.

In 2016 a report, ranked the UK an embarrassing 21st place, among 35 fellow OECD countries, being beaten by nations such as Slovenia, Estonia and the Czech Republic.

The miFuture App and website wants to connect the 7 Million 16 to 24 year olds in England & Wales, inspiring them with the right career and continued education opportunities.

miFuture takes into account the perspectives and behaviours of young minds today. Young people have been raised in a digital virtual world full of short attention and filtered content.

Its using an intuitive system which sends young people ‘personalised‘ opportunities, and offers them easy one-click application processes. It also custom builds CV’s. This social enterprise is trying to make sure no young person gets left behind. The enterprise which is based in South Wales has already made sure over 2000 16-24 year olds have a CV.

At the moment, they are recruiting mentors to spread the message in communities and on campuses,  helping people sign-up to the App and website. Within the next two years they hope to be working in other areas of the UK.

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