Keynoa Rings and Keynoa App

Finalist category: Independent Living Award

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Finalist, Independent Living Award, 2023

The Keyona device is seen on a persons hand. Keynoa leverages innovative assistive technologies to make education more accessible to visually impaired individuals, including those not using the Braille system. Keynoa Rings and Keynoa App constitute simple, intuitive, and affordable means to read and write text in any language and to benefit from other novel educative capabilities.

Keynoa Rings is a wearable device with five finger rings that detect finger taps on a surface which Keynoa App converts into digital text. Keynoa App is a mobile application that allows the user to select a digital text on the phone and send it to Keynoa Rings for reading by gentle vibrations on the fingers. In fact, Keynoa converts to finger vibrations not only text but also other information like distance to objects, colours, and graphical images, such as maps or other educational graphics. With this unique approach, Keynoa introduces a totally new concept allowing users to “see with their fingers.”

Keynoa solutions are specifically developed to meet blind people’s actual needs by creating new innovative approaches and concepts and by solving the inherent problems of the existing solutions, like the complexity of Braille and the lack of discretion and the intrusiveness of the voice assistance applications.

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