Kalogon Orbiter Smart Cushion

Finalist category: Independent Living Award

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Finalist, Independent Living Award, 2023

The Kalogon Orbiter Smart Cushion uses a combination of machine learning and patent-pending air cell technology to automatically adjust pressures applied on a wheelchair user’s buttocks and thighs. The cushion is designed to detect pressure points in real-time to redistribute pressure and aims to increase comfort and maintain blood flow through this adjusting process. Ultimately, Kalpgon aims to provide a high level of comfort and peace-of-mind for all wheelchair users, allowing them to Live an Active, Seated Life!

Pressure injuries are one of the leading causes of preventable death in the United States, with their complications resulting in nearly 60,000 deaths annually. These injuries develop due to unmitigated pressure applied to the skin and deep tissue when seated for long periods of time, making wheelchair users particularly vulnerable.

Current solutions for preventing pressure injuries do not effectively address the problem at hand. Traditional wheelchair cushions are static, made of either blocks of foam, inflated air pockets or both. Without the person actively shifting their weight, pressures build and cause reduced blood flow, leading to painful and costly pressure injuries. Practicing consistent and proper pressure offloading is critical for preventing PI development; however many wheelchair users do not perform the offloads or have pre-existing conditions that make performing offloads extremely difficult. What results is unmitigated pressure and eventually a pressure injury.

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