Jordan Pearson

Finalist category: Digital Volunteer

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Digital Volunteer Award, Finalist, 2021

Jordan works at NatWest where she designs and develops Cora, the banks customer facing chatbot. She volunteers on a regular basis, please see some examples below: 

School Volunteering
Jordan took the initiative to visit her old Primary School to hold technology workshops. She designed all the materials and planned the day single-handedly to introduce 110 students in years 5 and 6 to exciting technologies. She also introduced the children to Spark, the open source, fast data analytics engine, and challenged them to play Spark at Rock, Paper, Scissors which they absolutely loved. 

STEM Speed Networking Event 
Jordan took the initiative to volunteer at a day long speed networking event for year 9 girls, with the aim to inspire and encourage young women from disadvantaged backgrounds to consider a career in STEM. She spoke to over 120 students throughout the day, sharing her experiences and highlighting how fun it was to work in tech. 

Teaching children to code
Jordan taught 80 children how to code using Scratch and control a robot. At the beginning of the day only 20% of children were interested in technology, by the end 100% of children had an interest, highlighting her ability to engage and influence young people in getting interested in science and technology.  

Jordan volunteers regularly at universities, from running mock assessment centres to delivering a lecture on Data to MBA students. Recently she delivered an “Introduction to Data and AI” session to university students teaching them how to build an AI Chatbot and encouraging students from non-technical backgrounds to pursue a career in technology by sharing her own experiences and tips on succeeding. 

Jordan has also mentored university, college and placement year students. More recently she volunteered to virtually mentor 16-18-year olds over 10 weeks to help provide guidance on their next steps and give insights into careers in STEM. 

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