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Africa Award, Finalist, 2020

iScope is an Enhanced Digital Stethoscope for Remote Auscultation. Created by Oisin O’ Sullivan, the original hypothesis was to build an app that could sample, store and transmit an individual’s heartbeat, developed to modify a stethoscope and enhance its capabilities. Research has proved that the need for remote auscultation exists not only in the world’s developing countries, but also in rural surgeries and non-emergency hospitals.

Oisin is a 5th year post primary student with a passion for coding, technology and helping others, Oisin became motivated whilst undertaking a module developed by Self Help Africa and Irish Aid, Oisin became focused on using his skills for the benefits of others. 

There are only 245,000 physicians on the continent of Africa; that’s 0.245 per 1000 people. There are 464.6 mobile phones per 1000 people. This showed that with such a lack of physicians, this project, with the use of the app, would eliminate the need for a physician to be physically present. Oisin’s project has been validated by scientific experts in Northern Ireland and recently won Best Medical Devices Project at a national science fair.

Health is a fundamental aspect of quality of life, not only because being free from illness or injury directly affects our ability to enjoy life, but also because health indirectly affects our capacity to produce and consume valuable goods and services. Whether you’re from London or Liberia, Antrim or Africa, you will require medical intervention at some stage of your life. If you are in the hands of a medical practitioner chances are they will use a stethoscope as part of the diagnosis process. Should this project succeed, I see its ability to influence the medical outcomes of the individuals and communities it has been designed for in a positive manner.” Oisin O’ Sullivan July 2020

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