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Connected Society Award, Finalist, 2018

Incentivising us to lead more sustainable lives.

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The Greengame app and tech stack was created to incentivise people to live more sustainably – combating the challenges of over-consumption and waste in today’s society.  With no manual input from users, the app combines advanced technology, gamification and behavioural economics to automatically track the person’s activities which impact the environment.  Thus enabling cities, businesses and organisations to engage and reward people for living sustainably, via gamified challenges.

The creators believe that sustainability is the biggest challenge of our time, and have developed the app as a response. Across the world, the issues of climate change, food waste, breathable air, drinkable water, energy efficiency and clean oceans become all the more pressing. Greengame looks to combat these – providing an incentive for sustainable living.

The app automatically tracks activities such as:

  • Food choices
  • Energy spend
  • Mobility choices
  • Responsible consumptions
  • Using shared assets

This is achieved by combining natural language processing and machine learning to interpret purchase receipts, smartphone sensors to track walking, cycling and motor vehicle usage, and an open API to track other sensors and smart devices (thermostats, city open transportation data, etc).

The benefits of using the app are numerous. On a city level, citizen travel habits improve, recycling is encouraged, air quality is improved, the local economy boosted and waste reduced.  For businesses, at a time when the fastest growing purchasing and employment decision influencer is the green reputation of a business, helping people to live sustainably on a day to day basis builds trust, driving brand recognition and business growth.  Individuals also have an incentive to live sustainably, which in turn results in healthier lifestyles, reduced costs and better fitness.

Currently, Greengame has launched commercial pilots in the UK, and initial customers include a large bank, two FMCG retailers, a division of the NHS, a professional sports team and a city council.

With this app, they are working to combat the root cause of over-consumption – with a model that makes it in the interest of everyone (people, business and cities) to do so.

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