GG Care Dementia Digital Interventions

Finalist category: Ageing Society Award

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Ageing Society Award, Finalist, 2023

Carers supporting their elderly loved ones spend an average of 26 hours weekly providing care. Employees offering more than ten hours per week are at significant risk of leaving the formal labour force.

These unpaid carers try to get their loved ones to care for themselves with reminders to complete everyday activities. These reminders could be a post-it note on the fridge, a call from a carer, or an alert on their mobile. However, these simple reminders to complete a task can be insufficient.

GG Care is a unique technology that uses Amazon Alexa to support a person’s everyday activities through interactive voice reminders called Digital Interventions (DIs). Our DIs include medication reminders, notifications that visitors are coming, reminders to stay healthy, and prompts to make social connections.

The company creates a framework for PwD to care for themselves or improve their quality of life. GG Care harnesses Amazon Alexa’s voice assistant technology to help PwD complete tasks and retain independence.

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