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Finalist category: Workplace Inclusion Award


Finalist, Workplace Inclusion Award, 2020

In any ‘normal’ year it is estimated that one in six workers will experience a mental health problem at any one time. The effects of Covid will likely exacerbate this situation.

Whilst many employers are getting better at openly discussing mental health at work and increasingly providing workplace support, the significant rise in mental health-related “presenteeism”, where employees work when they are not at their most productive, suggests that employees still feel there is a huge stigma attached to ‘opening up’.

Frog Systems’ primary purpose is to demonstrate to employees that they are not alone; they should not feel inhibited nor stigmatised by their personal challenges and that help IS available.

Champions Cinema

Through its Champions Cinema, Frog builds upon consumer appetite for video content (80% of internet traffic) to communicate messages of hope, support, and advice through the showcasing of the lived experience. The cinema offers positive stories of survival from real people, coupled with advice and support from organisations, told in no more than 60 second shorts.

The software automatically signposts the user to the nearest verified local internal or external support services relevant to the video’s content, with the published details being regularly updated.

The platform can be fully customised, personalised, and licensed by any organisation with a duty of care. The software provides employers with access to real time anonymised statistical data providing them with a ‘mental health and wellbeing’ temperature gauge of their organisation enabling further planning and action.

Bridging the gap

Frog does not replace other EAP services, rather it complements them by bridging the gap between an employee struggling and taking that first step in seeking early intervention and support. Through its innovative use of video, Frog makes it easier to find hope and how is anyone supposed to work well and even live at all without a sense of hope?

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