Finalist category: Workplace Inclusion Award


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Finalist, Workplace Inclusion Award, 2020

Colorintech is helping advance the inclusion in tech from the start of someone’s tech journey. Colorcode is an event for Year 11 & Sixth Form students interested in tech. Hearing from industry leaders & engineers opens the door for students who previously thought them closed. They continue supporting students from underrepresented groups through their academic journey. Colorintech’s Fellows programme gives uni undergrads the chance to break into the tech workforce through internships, courses and a network of mentors, peers and tech companies. For students who dream of taking their tech journey beyond the UK, Colorintech gives them the opportunity to experience international tech hubs like Silicon Valley, Amsterdam and Paris through Immersion. Students can meet with tech companies and get help with employability.

By opening the doors to the possibility of a future in tech to students who are making subject choices, Colorintech is ensuring an inclusive work environment for the future.  They assist students in their tech journey, a journey which currently might make them feel tokenised due to the lack of BAME developers in the workplace. 

One of the easiest ways to ensure an inclusive tech future is by opening the doors of tech for everyone. By having a wide range of world views and experiences, you’re making sure that no one is overlooked when future tech is developed, all experiences are being taken into account because all experiences are working on it. Colorintech is helping build that future by opening the door to BAME students who might not have considered the tech world for them due to the lack of representation.

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