Finalist category: Workplace Inclusion Award 2020


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Winner, Workplace Inclusion Award, 2020

ClearTalents helps deliver workplace inclusion by identifying the support or workplace adjustment any employee needs to enable them to perform at their best. Organisations like HS2, Amazon and CGI use ClearTalents to invite every employee to create a diversity profile, which helps them share how any of the nine protected characteristics or other life situations are impacting the way they work. Expert guidance ican then be provided to the employee and Line Manager on the often-simple changes needed to address their concerns.


Our approach sees almost universal participation across the workforce and, on average, 70% of employees disclose some form of unmet need, the vast majority of which can be resolved with their Line Manager at little or no cost to the organisation. 

The HR team can monitor at a glance how the organisation is performing in areas such as communication, technology, working environment, stress or anxiety and many more so that they can use stats to further improve their strategies. The impact creating a ClearTalents profile can have is limitless. Here are just a few real-life examples:

‘My focus as Health and Wellbeing Manager is on tackling the main risks to the health and wellbeing of our 5,000+ employees, particularly mental health, poor ergonomics and the physical health risks arising from sedentary lifestyles. ClearTalents At Work provides a great picture of the overall organisation health while allowing me to drill down into the detail when needed. ClearTalents At Work is a key component of CGI’s award-winning health and wellbeing strategy.’ CGI Health and Wellbeing Manager

“It helped me raise things I felt awkward about doing in a face to face meeting. My manager now understands how I manage my conditions with coping mechanisms”. An employee’s perspective

 “It prompted a conversation with my team members on how we best work together”. A line manager’s view

ClearTalents includes everyone in the workplace and everyone benefits!

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