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Finalist category: Inclusive Health Award

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Finalist, Inclusive Health Award, 2023

Two women smile at a camera. On the table in front of them are examples of Boost products.Boost was co-founded in 2019 by Sam Jackman and Rosie Brave. Following Sam’s Mum’s experiences as a breast form wearer, the friends and colleagues teamed up with design engineer Chris Hawken to find a design solution that would solve some of the issues that breast form wearers identified.

Their new project has sought to include a larger and more diverse group of breast form wearers in the creation of a custom breast form. Using the measurements gathered from app scans, they’ve been working with Photocentric to create 3D printed bespoke molds that allow them to quickly and cheaply create a custom breast form.

“This project has enabled us to expand the scope of our work; not only have we been able to include more breast cancer survivors with complex health issues (like lymphedema) within the custom breast form trial, but we’ve also invited diverse breast form wearers from the transfeminine community to engage with us to see if our shapers can also meet their needs. As a company dedicated to diversity and inclusion, we already have a policy of inclusive colours – a feel-good palette that moves away from assumptions about skin tones and delivers products that match your bra (white/ black) or your mood (teal, aqua, pink, purple). This ensures that our products better support people of colour to access products that help them feel good. Importantly, both the app scan system and the innovative affordable customisation process have been developed to offer accessibility to the breast form wearer. Specifically, enabling people to send the measurements of their bodies to us securely and accurately from the comfort of their homes removes barriers associated with travel, comfort, user-experience and privacy that can be off-putting.”

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