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Accessibility Award, Finalist, 2017

Interactive learning for people with learning difficulties

“Smart devices and our support systems are making the 21st century living accessible to everyone. Often people with learning disabilities are left behind or an afterthought when it comes to building innovative technology,” explained  William Britton from Inclusive Media Solutions.

They have developed support system called AutonoMe.  It combines the power of video and mobile technology, to help people with learning difficulties better understand the world around them.

AutonoMe gives people the chance to learn how to do everyday, tasks most of us take for granted. Using their smart device, people with learning disabilities can watch videos showing them how to use different household items. All they have to do is point the iPad at the vacuum cleaner and it will play a video of how to vacuum their home.

“AutonoMe strives to bring learning disability care and technology to the forefront of the disability industry. People with learning disabilities are not an afterthought to us- they are our first thought!” said William Britton  from Inclusive Media Solutions.

Videos show them how to make a cup of coffee, load a dishwasher or use a washing machine. Its very simple once the technology is on their mobile phone or iPad they just scan household items.

AutonoMe founder William Britton designed his first prototype in 2013 and provides clients across the social care market, including housing associations, support providers, educational providers and local authorities.

In 2017, the project partnered with Devon, Dorset, Hampshire and Southampton Councils, to roll out the technology to the people in their communities. These partnerships have given users  of AutonoMe 24/7 support at their finger-tips- improving their independence and upholding their dignity.

For care providers the system allows them to tracks and stores data. So, they can discover how its supporting independent living which helps them monitor for efficiency and, any potential savings.

They have big ambitions for AutonoMe, with plans to roll out their technology across the UK in the next 5 years.

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