Audico – voice assistants tackling isolation

Finalist category: Ageing Society Award

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Ageing Society Award, Finalist, 2023

The Audico device is resting on a desk. On the screen we can see a video call between two people. Audico connects isolated or vulnerable people to communities and family members, whilst also providing a way for carers & family to track mental stimulation and human interaction.

Audico builds daily schedules of activities and events, provides personalised services such as family photos, time specific reminders (e.g. to take a walk or drink water), gives people the ability to video call family, friends, or community members with like-minded interests, measures cognitive states through gamification as well as providing care homes, family members and carers access to never before seen data all through the use of voice and touch.

The audico platform also runs on familiar technology – more than 25% of the UK population now has a voice activated speaker – and requires no user maintenance or training, simply interact with audico the way you would a human being when making a request.

“Audico also provides independence. We discovered that some people become very frustrated when moving into care because they lose their sense of independence when they have carers doing everything for them. Our platform allows people to take back some of that control. Instead of relying on helpers to open the blinds, log maintenance requests, put on some music, turn on the TV or take their breakfast order, they can do it themselves, helping them to feel empowered and confident.”

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