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Finalist category: Arts and Culture Award 2020


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Arts and Culture Award, Winner, 2020

Artists Support Pledge runs on the Instagram to connect artists and buyers and create a sustainable economy for artists and makers.
Artists post pictures of their art for sale on their Instagram account, costing £200 ($200 USD) or less, and tag the work with the hashtag #artistsupportpledge. Those interested in buying the work send a direct message and the sale terms are agreed via message. For every £1,000 of sales an artist makes, they pledge to reinvest £200 in the scheme, supporting a continuing flow of sales.
Anyone can take part either selling and buying. There is no selection process for artists. The inclusive nature of ASP has created a new egalitarian micro economy and network. Its success is its community which is truly global.
The initiative has provided new financial income for thousands of artists and makers during the pandemic when many of their usual routes for sales – galleries, fairs, markets and shops have closed down and has created a market for many artists who have previously never sold their work.
Artist Support Pledge has become a global movement bringing communities together through the power of art, providing artists and craft makers with a way to share their work on social media and sustain one another. It has also created a generation of new collectors. Buyers can enjoy a direct relationship with artists and build their own art collection.

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