American Sign Language Lens

Finalist category: Education Award

Education Award, Finalist, 2021

I am passionate about accessibility and I have designed many applications in the accessibility space over the years. These apps have been for different users, like speech impaired and deaf-blind. This sign language lens is just my latest effort.

This is a Lens on Snapchat to promote American Sign Language. I decided to use a Snapchat lens because it is considered a fun and highly engaging way of interacting with content and using such a medium can get many people interested in sign language.

The first lens recognized only a few letters of sign language. I’m pleased to say that in the last few weeks I have released lenses that recognize half the American Sign Language alphabet. They are doing very well. The most popular lens has been viewed by over 1500 people! I plan to create a more engaging experience where people can learn and practice the entire sign language alphabet through an app. This will hopefully lead to more non-disabled people learning sign language. If they do so they will become more comfortable working with deaf people in an education or corporate setting. This will result in more opportunities for deaf people.

I intend to keep designing things for people with disabilities and I look forward to collaborating with the wider community.

Link to my Youtube Channel:

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