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Finalist category: Ageing Society Award

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Ageing Society Award, Finalist, 2023

A group of people are sitting in chairs facing a screen. On the screen we see a number of other individuals on a group call. Before Covid, Alzheimer Scotland ran many activities groups for those living with Dementia. When the pandemic started, this support had to stop. Not wanting to leave individuals without these activities, Alzheimer Scotland began running online sessions. Not only did this allow people to keep in touch with their regular groups, it allowed those living in more remote areas to access the groups.

Groups include topics on Shinty, Diving, Pottery, Museum talks, Artist, Wildlife, Gaelic, and many more.

“Scaling up, we are now meeting face to face as well as our online groups, and we are learning to do blended/hybrid groups, so by setting up laptops, and large screens, we can now send out links for people to join in live events and feel included, which is fantastic if those with mobility issues or who are bedbound, then we can bring the world outside to them inside.”

Carer – “The person that is living with dementia Mum is less agitated and relaxes for hours after a music and singing session.”
Carer – “Dad loved hearing and seeing Edinbane pottery as he can’t visit or go around the pottery anymore, but a virtual tour was great to see.”


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