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Finalist category: Inclusive Health Award

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Finalist, Inclusive Health Award, 2023

Accessercise LogoAccessercise has been designed for the disabled community. by the disabled community. The idea was initially conceived by a British Paralympic legend (Ali Jawad).

Accessercise educates users to be more knowledgable and understanding of exercising, fitness, healthy living, nutrition and disability inclusion/accessibility.

Accessercise provides educational content to allow users to explore their own capabilities, learn new ideas, new theories and new techniques in order to improve their lives.

All the content in Accessercise is backed by scientific validation to each bespoke impairment, meaning the information is specific and valid to each user individually, regardless of their impairment.

The nutrition information is produced by NHS registered dietitians to ensure accuracy and validity.

Further, Accessercise as a platform has been published in a medical journal, following an independent study by Loughborough University, highlighting the app’s effectiveness to drive behavioural change in disabled users.

Accessercise brake down the barriers to the disabled community by providing resources, support and guidance.

Being in app form and free to download/use, Accessercise is the most accessible option in the world for fitness, health and exercise amongst the disabled population.

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