Enter the Community Impact Award

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We are looking for inspiring local community projects that use computers and the internet to help people overcome disadvantage to achieve social change. The best entries will be working closely with a range of partners and individuals to deliver high impact in their own community.

This Award is open to any individual, business, charity, social enterprise or other public body with a base in the UK. It may refer to the work they do as a whole or one specific project.

The winner will be able to show that they are:

  • meeting a clearly identified need in the community;
  • tackling and helping to overcome specific disadvantage[s];
  • using computers and the internet to achieve social change;
  • innovative, high quality and inspiring;
  • sharable/replicable.

The winning entry will answer the questions asked in a clear and concise way, giving examples wherever possible and quantifying the impact on the community.

Sorry the entries for AbilityNet Tech4Good Awards 2018 are now closed


AbilityNet Tech4Good Awards are organised by AbilityNet and BT and supported by a range of sponsors and partners.