Doing something great with an extra plate

Casserole Club

Finalist, Community Impact Award 2014


Casserole Club helps people share extra portions of home-cooked food with others in their area who might not always be able to cook for themselves. Members serve up meals to their neighbours, getting more people cooking fresh food while strengthening local neighbourhood relationships with every bite. For those who aren’t on the internet, Casserole Club helps those who are offline to order meals, connect and pair up with local people.

For those without children, it is networks like these that will prove vital. While Casserole Club is mainly about reducing extra demand on existing services, the project is also cost saving for councils. On average it costs a council £4.90 a meal. If 100 diners get on average two meals a week from a neighbour, Casserole Club will have saved councils at least £50,960 a year. The community is a relatively untapped supply of support, and platforms like Casserole Club now have more than 4,000 volunteer cooks nationwide and is growing, with over 250 meal shares taking place in Barnet alone.

Visit the Casserole Club website to find out more about how they help people build community connections.