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Finalist category: Tech4Good for Africa Award

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Finalist, Tech4Good for Africa Award, 2021

My name is Favour Ozichukwu, team lead at Unlocking Women and Technology, I am bilingual and have a background in Human Resource Management, Group of African womenOperations Management and have attained a couple of certifications in Project Management, I hail from Nigeria, one of the eastern states called Anambra state, Anambra is known for its originality of the Igbo culture and rich culture. It’s known for its great myths, giant strides, creative, hardworking, and innovative people. Just like any other African state, women are majorly seen as the most marginalised group despite their expertise and prowess.  

At the age of 19years, I developed an interest in seeing women from underdeveloped communities gain access to resources, knowledge, and empowerment to achieve their goals. I am passionate about developing female entrepreneurs who have the ambition and the desire to create socially impactful businesses, create jobs, and promote culture through entrepreneurship with the integration of technology. The aim of Unlocking Women and Technology (UWAT) is to create a gender-inclusive ecosystem and support women from marginalised communities by providing training and resources such as Coding, Business Development Training, Funding, and principles of Entrepreneurship. UWAT works with members of the Diaspora community who have skills that help the program reach its goal. Since its inception, UWAT has served more than 500 women and 158 businesses; of the individuals served, 40% got requisite skills to enhance their careers, 45% gained entrepreneurship skills and are running revenue-generating businesses and 15% have gained access to further their career in tech. 

Our entry into Tech4GoodAwards was a combination of excitement and realisation of the impact and results the team and I have accomplished within the past few years. We are very honored to be part of the organisations trailblazing by providing an enabling environment for development in marginalised communities.   


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