Digital Skills Award

This Award is open to any individual, business, charity, social enterprise or other public body with a base in the UK. It may refer to the work they do as a whole or one specific project.

The winning entry could be based in a formal setting such as a school, university, workplace or college, or it could be working in less formal setting, directly with learners or within a specific community. It could be a new learning programme or an existing one, it could be delivered by a single organisation or a partnership.

The winning entry will show how it is:

  • identifying and delivering the skills that people will need in the digital age;
  • working with employers, education providers, community organisations or other key stakeholders;
  • engaging with the learners in innovative ways;
  • ensuring inclusion so that everyone can benefit equally from the learning activities provided.

Please complete as many answers as you can as clearly and concisely as you can to increase your chances of winning.

The winning entry will answer the questions asked in a clear and concise way, giving examples of the impact on the individuals and/or community.

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